Queer Objects

Edited by Chris Brickell and Judith Collard

Queer lives incorporate a range of objects: the things we fill our houses with, the traces of the past we throw out or treasure, the books and images we share with our friends, the things we wear, and the technologies we use to communicate with one another.

What makes an object queer? Queer Objects is an edited collection whose contributors will consider this question in relation to LGBT lives and communities. Each author will write on an object that has a queer resonance, history or use, and explore what it tells us about queer life and culture in times past and present. Chapters will relate to a range of places: New Zealand and Australia, North America, Asia and the UK as well as Western and Eastern Europe.

Queer Objects will be published in 2019 by Otago University Press, Rutgers University Press and Manchester University Press. A highly illustrated, sumptuously designed book, it will become a desirable object in its own right.